Theory Tests & Licencing

Europe Driving School can help you not only get ready but pass your theory driving tests set out by NSW's licencing authority, the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS).

A brief overview of what is involved in obtaining a licence for either a car, motor bike or heavy vehicle is explained below. For a full explanation including licence conditions, follow the links below for the class of licence sought.


To obtain a car licence you must first progress through the Graduated Licencing System. This system has 3 stages: Learners Licence, Provisional 1 Licence and Provisional 2 Licence.

Learners Licence

  • Minimum age 16
  • Pass a Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)
  • 120 supervised logged hours,
    including minimum 20 night hours
  • Valid for 5 years
  • For More Info - Click Here

P1 Licence

  • Minimum age 17
  • Pass a driving test
  • Hold for minimum 12 months
  • Valid for 18 months
  • For More Info - Click Here

P2 Licence

  • Minimum age 18
  • Pass a Hazard Perception Test (HPT)
  • Hold for minimum 2 years
  • Valid for 30 months
  • Progress to full licence after passing a Driving Qualification Test (DQT)
  • For More Info - Click Here

Heavy Vehicles

For a full explanation of how to obtain a heavy vehicle licence, including the various licence classes click here.

How to Choose a Driving Instructor

When using the services of a professional Driving Instructor, it is important that you not only receive the expected high level of training, but also a quality of service that represents value for money, high standards and an environment of trust.

Most people don't know what questions to ask when they call a driving school other than the price. So we have listed a range of other things to enquire about that could help you make a more informed decision.

The answers for Europe Driving School are shown in Blue.

  • Are they flexible with pick up and drop off locations? YES
  • What days and hours do they operate? Every day
  • Do they charge more for after hours or weekends? NO
  • How many students in the car at a time? One.
  • Do they provide the car for training, and if so what type of car? Is it auto or manual? YES
  • Does their vehicle have dual controls? YES
  • Do they provide lessons in your car? YES
  • Are their cars fully insured in the case of crash? YES
  • Do they hold Public liability and Professional indemnity insurance?YES
  • How long is the standard lesson, and do they provide longer lessons upon request? YES
  • Do they sell packages of lessons or offer discounts? YES
  • What is their cancellation policy? 24 hours notice*
  • Are their lesson plans structured? YES
  • How do they progress the learner through the varying skill levels? 3 or 4
  • Are they happy for you to come along to any lesson? YES
  • How do they report back to you the progress of your learner? Very good

Be careful about basing your decision on price alone. You have to feel comfortale with the person providing the training, so ask yourself how did you feel about that initial phone call. and don't feel pressured to book a lesson on the spot. You can always take time and call them back after thinking it through. And most of al, don't stay with someone you are not happy with, and don't be afraid to tell them why.

* CANCELLATION MUST BE 24 HOURS BEFORE DRIVING LESSON or if less than 24 hours notice is given then we charge you half of your lesson.

Select Licence Class

  • Car
  • LR - Light Rigid
  • MR - Medium Rigid
  • HR - Heavy Rigid
  • HC - Heavy Combination

Select Transmission Type

  • Automatic
  • Manual




On Saturday 21st November, the transport minister the Hon. David Campbell, announced the introduction ofa 3 for 1 scheme for learner log books. This initiative comes into effect on the 19th Nof December and will mean that 10 hours completed with a driving instructor will count for 30 hours in a learners log book. This has been done to ease the pressure on parents who are finding it difficult to complete the 120 hours required before sitting a driving test. The other reform is that learners over the age of 25 will not have to complete a log book at all.

Driving rules for permanent residents and overseas visitors

 Rule Australian Civilian Permanent Resident on Australian Road Overseas teenage student and Visitor driver on Australia Road.
Basic Knowledge Test Compulsory for everyone No need
Basic driving skill test Compulsory for everyone No need
False Licence Difficulty to get Easy to get at some countries
Checking False Licence Easy to check Australia licence Difficulty to check overseas Licenses

Point system 4 - 12

Lose point & stop driving Not for them
P1 to full Licence 3 year + more test No need
Offence / Fine Must pay or stop driving No need to pay if they left
Licence Fee & Other Costs Pay every year for our Road No need

Europe Driving School Sydney - Learn to Drive with us Today!

Europe Driving School provides expert driving lessons and teaches people young and old Sydney Wide not only how to drive, but how to drive properly, safely and according to NSW State Licencing Standards! Our Driving instructors are courteous, professional and seek to pass their expertise to you each lesson!

Sydney Wide Driving Lessons in either Automatic or Manual

Europe Driving School Sydney conducts driving lessons in either Automatic or Manual Vehicles all over Sydney's Metropolitan Area and Surrounding Suburbs, including:

  • Driving Lessons Sydney CBD
  • Driving Lessons Sydney's West
  • Driving Lessons Sydney's South
  • Driving Lessons Sydney's North

Book your Car Lesson or Truck Session Online Now!

Notice: Truck Eftpos Payment must be submitted at least 48 Hours before your session begins, same goes for car lessons but we also accept cash on the spot for car lessons.

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